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SCM 107 Mixed Succulents in Metal Vase353 views55555
(1 votes)
Fishtail Palm Tree 8'1281 viewsBeautiful artifcal Fishtail palm with natural looking trunk and leaves. Available in 8' heights in a woven basket.55555
(6 votes)
Rhapis Palm 7'1139 viewsThis artifical Rhapis Palm is made on a wood trunk, having each leaf drilled into the trunk. The dark leaf is shaped like a hand and is commomly called a lady finger palm It is planted in a woven basket with a liquid styrofoam to hold the tree firmly in place. The Rhapis Palm is available in a muiltatude of sizes including 5', 6 1/2', 7 1/2', 8 1/2' and 9 1/2'.55555
(5 votes)
VBPO 200 Phals in Rice Bucket633 views55555
(4 votes)
SCW 129 Echververia in Wood Drifter Tray641 views55555
(2 votes)
Kentia Palm 8'1165 viewsThis artifical Kentia palm has broad green leaves that gracefully arch over. It can be built in several sizes, including a 6', 7', 8' and other custom sizes. It is planted in a woven basket with a liquid styrofoam to hold the tree firmly in place.44444
(8 votes)
SAPO 135 Elegant Phal x 4 in Lg Enameled Tray889 views44444
(9 votes)
VTPO 103 Large Phalaenopsis in a Vintage Tofu Container601 views44444
(2 votes)
SCB 114 Mixed Succulents in Square Lg Wood Vase393 views44444
(2 votes)
DACO 225 Rust Cymbidium with Succulents in a Large Brown Dot Pot268 views44444
(1 votes)
SCS 431 Mixed Echeverias, Donkey Tails and Flocked Sedum in Silver Bubble Vase236 views44444
(1 votes)
SCG 820 Hanging Jade, Echeverias and Mixed Sedums in a Gold Crackled Pot194 views44444
(1 votes)
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